Zoom Casa enables stagers to offer their clients painless solutions to prepare their home for sale, including professional staging and renovation services. Working with Zoom Casa, stagers create tremendous value that causes agents to be clients for life. 

By enabling stagers to offer complementary services, like cosmetic renovations, with concierge level service, Zoom Casa helps you differentiate yourself and become a valuable solution provider, offering a total package to prepare your clients’ homes for sale.

Zoom Casa’s goal is to help stagers grow their businesses. And let’s be very clear: when we do that, we also grow our own business. Our interests are totally aligned with our Staging Partners.

We want to grow with you.

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Q: Why does Zoom Casa need to know who moves my furniture?
A: We require verification that your moving company and other subcontractors are  properly insured (and licensed if applicable) since they will be on your clients’ property. Furniture rental companies that provide delivery are included.

Q: Why do you ask so many questions about my business such as pricing, styles, and experience?
A: Our partnerships with brokerages often mean that we are providing local stager referrals to agents. We need this information  to make appropriate referrals to our brokerage partners.

Q: Does Zoom Casa operate nationwide?
A: Yes. Stagers from any state may join the platform.

Q: Why does Zoom Casa require a copy of my contract?
A: When we contract with the homeowner, we attach a copy of your terms & conditions (excluding pricing information) for the homeowner to sign as well. This ensures that they will have signed both before scheduling the staging.

Q: When do I get paid for a staging job?
A: Immediately after the homeowner signs Zoom Casa’s contract, we process your invoice for payment. Zoom Casa pays stagers every Thursday. If the client signs our contract after 3:00pm California time, it will be processed the following week.

Q: If the home does not sell, is there any penalty to my staging company?
A: No. We handle all payment discussions with the homeowner.